Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh What Love by Kim Ward

The young lady who wrote this article works with my wife. I asked
 her permission to post this, because I thought it was so touching, especially from someone so young. She is early twenties and a relatively new Christian. From what know of her through my wife, she lives for Jesus every day. She walks the talk. It is uplifting to see our young people so in love with and dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Kim Ward
Subject: Oh What Love...

"And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you: though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved." 2 Corinthians 12:15
    As I was heading to work this morning, God showed me just even more how much he loves me.  He also showed me how selfish I can be at times.  I also realize not only how much more Jesus loves me, but how much my parents love me too.
    An example of where this all came from, started with this past week.  My parent’s vehicle has been having problem after problem here lately...  some days it decides to start and some days it just don't.  So when it doesn't they usually will drive my car.  Well last week my brother's vehicle was having its issues I let him drive my car one day last week.  Well that really isn't the moral of the story, just trying to prove a point.  I'll be honest; I like to get out on my lunch break... I like to get away from my workplace so I can get some fresh air, and just breathe a little.  Well yesterday I had to let my mom drive my car because her's wouldn't start...and I get a little aggravated.  Not at her, just at the problem....  I didn't necessarily care that she was driving my vehicle; it was just that I didn't like not having one so I could get out on my lunch break.  I know this may sound all silly to you, but this is just one of the many ways we worry too much or get anxious about things.  These things that don't really matter at all.  What I have is not my own anyway.... that car is God's.  He provides it for me, and he is the God that gives, but he could take it away at any time too.  He's in control of all things.  What we have is not our own....
    But this morning on my way to work, God's spirit just came over me.  I offered to let Mom drive my vehicle today since her's was in the shop... but she said she didn't need it.  She said that her aunt was going to pick her up and they were going to go where they needed to go.  Well, here comes all the guilt of feeling so selfish and being self-centered upon me... I felt like a dog.  I was thinking Lord, why have I been making such a big deal of them driving that vehicle...? 
    But God spoke to me this morning, and he said Kim in spite of you, your parents still love you.  And he was also showing me the same with Him...that in spite of myself.... he still loves me.  I'm so thankful not only to have amazing parents that love me despite my many, many, many flaws, but I have a heavenly Father who loves me even when I mess up or say things I shouldn't.  All throughout my life, when I would do something wrong as I was a child, my parents would discipline me (mostly by spanking me).  They disciplined me because they love me.  At the time the chastening stinks, but if you endure it...  you'll not want to make the same mistake again.  Just like Jesus, he loves us so much that when we do things that displease him (and we will; like me being focused only on myself and my needs) he will bring that to your attention somehow or another. 
     I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit that lives within me to show me things that I need God to help change within my life.  I definitely could never change it, but with God's strength and power HE can change anything.  All things are possible with God.  Just like our parents and God, we are their sons and daughters.  We are a child of our parents, and a child of God.  I don't have any children, but I see how much parents (especially Momma's) love their children.  And just like this verse state above... the more we are loved by them, the less we appreciate and love them in return.  I'm not sure if all parents are that way with their children, but I am thankful that I have amazing parents who love me in spite of me.  Even more above that, I'm thankful that God loves me even when my imperfections come out and they will at times.  I know that with God's help and power he can help me overcome my imperfections; one at a time.  Love is a choice it's not always a feeling.  LOVE is one of the greatest commandments that Jesus states in the Bible.  If you take LOVE out of the Bible, then there is no Bible.  LOVE is throughout all the pages, and something you think would be so easy, isn't always that easy.  Just look at Jesus and the LOVE that he showed upon the cross to save us sinners.  We could never truly understand how great a love that he has for us.   

    My prayer today is that we would open our hearts and our minds to God's unconditional love, his unfailing love.  Also that we would put ourselves to the side, and truly love others and treat others the way we would want to be treated.  I believe that love is the spiritual warfare.  Our love will at times be tested.  But we can withstand that test if we keep our eyes on Jesus.  He will help us with the things we struggle with.  Thank you Lord for loving all of us.  Help us, lead us, guide us.  Help us to put others before ourselves.  Forgive us for all our little imperfections.  I say little because that's probably how you see them Lord.  To you there is nothing too big or hard to fix or change.  Thank you Lord!!!  Help us to see your love and embrace it!

God bless!