Thursday, December 22, 2011

Desperate Times by Tim Cameron

A bitter cold breeze blast away upon the worried brow of a mother of three as she
 desperately trudges through snow ...her strength is only the sheer resolve to do whatever it takes to "be there" for her girls. The symptoms started slow but the coughing grew deeper and the fever higher...she knew she had to get them to "hope".
 "It's the worst case scenario, this is spreading like wild fire, thousands will be infected ... it's hopeless" "How did it happen, Doctor?"  "I'm not sure but if we don't get it quarantined, we won't need to worry about hospital beds, we are going to be filling the morgues"
 "Mommy, my feet are so cold" the little girl cried, "I know honey but we got to get to a Doctor so He can make us all better" Trying to be strong but scared to death, the mother cries "Oh God please Help"
"How's it coming with the vaccines?"   "Nothing is working; it breaks everything down and strengthens"
"Governor's Office" the voice on the other end said, “Dr. Jones, yes sir, the Governor has been awaiting your call."
 "Dr. Jones what is the latest?"
"It's not good, nothing is working and it has spread faster and further than we originally believed possible"
"All resources are in place and tests are being run round the clock, but I'd recommend you begin to shut down access to all towns and cities immediately and begin to quarantine this before it becomes unstoppable."
 "The death tolls will rise soon; fear and panic will spread just as fast.  If we don’t find a cure, it will be a Hopeless situation."

Another town but an even more desperate situation eternity at stake
"Would you just shut up, I can't take this anymore, your nagging, the bills, the pressure"
"Mommy, Daddy" "please stop fighting" a little girl begs, but she hears her mom reply "I WANT A DIVORCE!!"
"Pastor; attendance is down; giving is down, what are we going to do?" The Board member continues, "Families are hurting, we've have two families that are about to lose their homes, another three families on the verge of divorce, changes need to be made, but where do we start?"

Across town, a desperate father....
His eyes glazed over, gun in one hand a stiff drink in the other....holding a picture up of his kids, tears streaming down his cheeks, "Every other weekend; are your stinking kidding me?" Hopelessness invading his thoughts, "it will never be the same" raising the gun to his forehead he cries out "OH GOD, PLEASE FORGIVE ME"
Divorce, drugs, layoffs, crime, selfish lives all going astray ...spreading like wildfire with no end in sight.

Kneeling at the altar, a faithful servant of God begins to cry, "Father, Your word promises that if we ask, seek and knock; that You will open the door, Lord, before you call me home, I'm here asking for this one thing that You have laid upon my heart...Will You pour out your Spirit upon this area and all these people that I know and Love.  Will you arise and cause all your enemies to scatter?  Father, Your Word says No one comes to You unless You draw them and Father that is what I'm asking ....will you please begin to draw all men unto Yourself right here in this town, right here in this Church?"

"Doctor, Doctor” a nurse shouted, “Something amazing is happening!"
"What?”  The Doctor replied
“There's a man… who has come into our Emergency Room"
"What is wrong with Him?”
"Nothing, he said he's is here to help"
 "HELP…Help how?" 
"He wanted to donate blood, and get this...He said he had heard of the virus that was spreading and that he believed his blood was immune.  We tested his Blood and he was right, there is something about his Blood that is overcoming the virus.  Just one drop is all it takes, it will help thousands"
 Walking into town, now having to carry her youngest daughter....the desperate mom see's the lights from Hope Hospital up ahead. Strengthened by the sight...she hurries her pace, "Come along girls, we are almost there!" Arriving at the foyer of the ER, The mom cries out for "HELP"...  Running to her aid and gathering her kids...they rush the family in.   "My girls please help my girls"
Putting the Gun down back at his side and lifting back up the picture...God began to answer this desperate Father's plea.....a knock at the door sobered him alert.."Herb, it's me Jim Kabell...I know you’re in there? Can I come in?" 
As the door opened, "Herb, God has laid you on my heart and I just had to come over and share...I've got some great news... My wife and I have been talking with your wife and she has agreed to counseling...she has agreed to postpone the divorce"
Sitting in his study at Home, a Pastor puts down his pad of notes...getting on his knees, he starts to pray, "Dear God, what is it that you want to say?"   The floodgates of tears poured down his cheek as He heard these Words "What can wash away my sins?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus"
Word soon spread all across the County, "They have found a cure"...people for miles around drove to Hope Hospital....That mom and her three daughter's got their shots and the Blood began to work....They were home in no time, everyone was so in awe at such an amazing change that was taking place...when it seemed all was hopeless.. A Miracle took place...but what was it they all had to ask? Curiosity spread faster than the disease itself.

Hope Hospital called a press conference to explain the turn of events, telling the story of the Man and His Blood ...his name announced. "There is no other person with this blood type and it’s a total miracle that he came when he did, we are happy to announce that the spread of this deadly virus has been defeated and all the necessary work "Is Finished."  Please tell all your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers who are sick to hurry and get their shots, the only ones who can't be helped are those who haven't heard or who refuse to be treated."

Sunday morning was just like any other Sunday, until…  
A husband, wife and daughter walked in, "in total desperation, they went to the altar and cried out for help" forsaking the fears and cares of man, they had been married in this Church but had backslid for years and now their marriage is on the rocks...the glue was the little girl who had cried out for her parents to "please stop fighting"  her crocodile tears and "Help me Jesus prayers" had provoked them to Church... 
When they got to the altar, there was a faithful servant of God, kneeling in prayer, who was fervently asking, seeking and knocking for God's Presence to show up.
The Pastor recognizing that something was happening, heard that still small voice; "What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus."  A spark from yester year began to arise, he'd seen this before. Revival has come knocking; Jesus was asking to take His rightful place..."If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself"
Looking out over the congregation the Pastor declares, "Today, if you are here and you are hungry and thirsty for God's Presence but feel as though He is miles away, the Bible tells us to Turn to Him that times of refreshing may come.  His Word tells us that He is NOT far away but that He is right here.  We don't need another program, another sermon series, we just need Jesus.  So as the choir sings that familiar song "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus", I would like anyone who like me is in need of His presence revealed in your life, to come and join me as we do nothing but seek His face"
In great joy ....The Spirit of Almighty God moved through the hearts of those who cried out to Him, Word spread like fire that something was happening ...marriages were being restored, lives were being changed, and souls were being saved daily. Prayer meetings began to pop up in neighborhood homes, prison ministries began to flourish, youth groups were visiting nursing homes.... 
The Question began to be asked, what had happened to this town? "There was this man who had come, whose blood had been shed; He said “He had come to help" and we have found out that…
There is power in that blood"
Many today are facing desperate situations of all kinds. If you’re one who is facing such a time I have great news for you. Jesus Christ has promised no matter what your situation is, no matter how bad it looks or how lost you are, whosoever believes upon Him shall not perish but have everlasting life!! That is how powerful His blood is!
Thank you,

Tim Cameron