Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lot Pitched His Tent Toward Sodom by Joseph Chambers

I have never seen anyone pitch their tent toward Sodom that did not soon dwell in
 Sodom. The next point with Lot was he sat in the gate of Sodom. The Sodomites had voted him to be on the city council. Then came the utter destruction of his family by the unclean lifestyle that Lot had led them to live. Here was a great nephew of the great father of faith. Every potential for success was squarely at Lot’s feet. No one ever speaks of Lot without tying his name to Sodom and Gomorrah, while no one ever speaks of Abraham without remembering the ‘Promise Land.’ A powerful uncle and his sad, defeated nephew!

The result of choices are always unforgettable. A few souls have made bad choices but woke up and turned around. The Prodigal Son came home empty but he did come home just in time. Judas Iscariot could not have had a better beginning, but then choose the route to hell. Look at King Saul, head and shoulder above his peers. He even prophesied after he was anointed and for a while pursued the right road. Once he pitched his tent toward error, he never turned back. Seeking advise from the witch of Endor was his last resort. He was already a dead man when he left her hideout.

Lot probably never smiled again after he watched the lovely wife of his youth turn back to Sodom. A great man’s wife is the right arm of happiness. Sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters were so bound to the sin city of dad’s choice that they laughed him to shame as he pleaded for their departure with him. The two daughters that fled the city brought more shame than those that burned to death. Lot has got to be the most shamed man in the First Testament.

America is quickly becoming a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. God is no respecter of persons and America will pay the price. Maybe the Rapture will occur before the hammer falls, but we must not be so sure that we refuse to cry over our country and lost loved ones. Look at the depraved marks of the tattoo world. Consider how many of the church families with sons and daughters that are living in unmarried homes. The church nurseries are filled with illegitimate children. No, they should not be turned away, but we should be repenting of the decay and crying out against their shame.

If you pitch your tent toward Sodom be assured the dye is cast. There must be an abrupt turnaround if you are not going to avert a similar end as Lot. Also Godly families must raise their children without the compromise of the world. Quit allowing video games that are filled with violence. Discipline television or better still remove it from your home. Monitor Face Book and do not allow the filfty rock culture to adorn your children’s bedrooms. Train your children to live morally clean lives. If they pitch their tent toward Sodom right in your home, be assured that their future is probably fire and brimstone just like Lot’s family. Abraham watched on the plains of Sodom. I’m sure he wept as he bowed before our God and prayed while judgment fell.