Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hope This Speaks To Someone! by Tim Cameron

Just over 10 years ago I was going through a period of my life that seemed to be one
horrendous trial after another. It wasn't as bad as Job's story but it seemed like it to me at the time. "NO GOD NO, please don't let my son experience divorce" I CRIED..I BEGGED

My whole world was falling apart around me and when I say I was devestated that might be an understatement of how I was feeling at that time... and though my prayers were full of tears and never ending every reply from God seemed to be a "NO"

During the very eye of that storm I went to a field not far from my house to just retreat and pray...I got out of my car and walked the property in seclusion wailing out of the very depth of all that I am for God to intervene and in that moment a passage came to me "unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you have no life in you"...Jesus had spoke this and many had left Him...but then He turned to Peter and the disciples and asked "aren't you going to leave me to?" and Peter answered "where else can we go alone have the words of eternal life"

In my darkest hour..God asked me "are you going to leave me?" "do you trust me?" "that day in the field ..I had to answer in my heart "where else can I go..only you have eternal life" My life changed dramatically during that period but God truly worked things out for His Glory and good...but it wasn't in line with "my plans"

But I can truly look back at that time and say at my lowest of lows..He lifted me up.

With what is going on around us and to alot of us might be praying a gazillion prayers...and all the answers might seem to be "NO" but take this time to resolve in your heart "where else can you go He alone has the words of eternal life" "He promises us to NEVER Leave us and to never forsake us" "A weeping man endures for a night but Joy comes in the morning"

Because He Lives...I can face tomorrow ...Because He lives...all fear is Gone...Because He lives I know He Holds the future and Life is worth the living because He lives!

Where are you God?

A single mom looks at the bills stacked high and cries "Where are You God?" the weight of the world crushing down upon her

An abused "loner" teenager walks the school halls, the disgusted looks of his peers taunt him ...suicide beckons, but his heart cries "Where are You God?"

Three kids sit huddled on a living room floor, listening intently as their parents explain..."we love you kids, but mommy and daddy have decided to live in seperate places...we are getting divorced but we aren't divorcing you kids" .tears fall, hearts cry "Where are You God?"

The doctor walks in his countenance somber "the cancer's spread, it's in operable" upon hearing the news, a woman's heart begin's to break "Oh God, Please Where are YOU?"

sitting at his desk, his instant messenger pops up ..."Please come to the boardroom"...closing the message out, his heart sink's ..He's heard the rumor's...he's watched other's make the same walk

opening the door to the boardroom, his heart in his throat "Harry, sit down .we've taken every step we know to take but our budget's demanding cuts and as for right now, we are going to have to lay you off indefinitely" ..Harry's whole life has been turned upside down...a 30 year employee steps to the door of the building and walks outside...looks toward heaven "NO GOD, NO...How can I ever make it GOD WHERE ARE YOU?"

The Answer to this question is He's RIGHT THERE He stands at the door of Your Life and so desperately wants You to Learn to Know He's going to see You through every step of the way of the current battle and storm. Don't Let the Storms blind You from the Promise that He gave us, THAT HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US NOR FORSAKE US!!!

If your that single mom and the bills are stacked high, You are NOT Drowning, it's an opportunity for You to come to know God as El Shaddi the God who is Your Sufficiency...He will show Up..He is Jehovah Jireh YOUR PROVIDER He's heard Your Cries .don't lose heart

If your that loner kid, walking the halls of your school and you are "feeling" that God's FAR AWAY I've got some great great news,

The King of all Kings, has spoken of You He was speaking of You when You were being formed in Your Mother's womb .that loneliness you are feeling is Him calling You to Himself, You see ...a "loner" is someone who has an awesome opportunity to take "time" and spend it with the Very One who Made it All. God is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, and He never betrays or backbites or forsakes and He never grows weary in His Hearing .TURN TO HIM He's right there right Now...He's knocking on Your Heart Open up and pourt our all that hurt, all that rejection and be made whole in Jesus Name .Life's Not about You, It's about something so much greater it's About HIM!!! Seek the One who gave you Life, He has Not rejected You

If your the One who's crying out..."where are You God?" Because You've just received a bad bad "doctor's report" I ask You like Isaiah ..."who's report are you going to believe?" Psalms says "many are the afflictions of the righteous, but He hears our cry and deliver's us from all our fears"

He's waiting to hear from You Hear Your Cry...He will send His comforting Presence He's Right There Seek HIM who is Able to Heal

You've just lost your job, the devil taunts ...pride screams.."I'm a failure, I'm going down, my life's over" but Jesus would say "Oh Ye of little faith" not to belittle you but to remind You ..He's in the boat with You..."are you going to Trust me?" He ask "Have You forgot that I'm able to feed thousands with a few fish and bread?" "are you not of more value than a sparrow?" "do not worry" "FEAR NOT"

the family's dealing with brokenness and divorce, "God is calling YOU, to lay down your selfish stances Husband or Wife forget the old girlfriend or boyfriend on facebook he or she's not worth it...see your kids hurt...see the pain that will come...see the devestation Cry out to God...He's not wanting to give you an old somebody, He's wanting to Renew and Restore Repent of your wandering eyes and divided hearts and Turn back to the One who Makes all things NEW!!!!"

Where is GOD???? He's knocking at the door of Your Life .Open Up ...come out of hiding and answer Lord, "here I am" "heal me"..."heal my life, fogive Me...make all things New"

He is Able!!!!! And He's Willing, CRY OUT TO HIM and be ready and willing to obey

"Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face and things of earth will grow strangely dim in Light of His Glory and Grace"

In Christ,

Tim Cameron