Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is The "Arab Spring" Cause For Hope Or Concern? by Edward Wood

For all those who are feeling elated at the downfall of dictators and what appears to be
 the spread of democracy across the Middle East, I'll tell you up front that I'm about to rain on your parade. It isn't because I want to, but I feel I need to!  Let's look at some of the facts.

Historically, given a choice Muslim societies tend to choose worse leaders than the ones they previously had. Take a look at Iran, Lebanon and Gaza. Radical Islam took over in the first; Hezbollah is pretty much running the show in the second, and Hamas the third.

At this time, Tunisia is choosing a so-called moderate government based on Sharia. We'll see just how moderate they are down the line. In Egypt the only organized faction is the Muslim Brotherhood, so guess where my bets are concerning who runs their next government.

Here is a quick way to gauge if the new regimes are good news for the world or not: See how they want to deal with Israel and the U.S. Fact of the matter is, the freedom enjoyed in both countries is merely a tool to be exploited. Take a look at the present Muslim incursion in Europe. Believe me; these people DO NOT want to assimilate. They want to change free nations into Muslim theocracies just like the places they left. "Jihad" does not mean active warfare if it can be
accomplished politically.

It is my firm belief that the only reason the world has not yet become a Muslim caliphate is that they do not yet have the means to accomplish it. But if Jesus tarries, our inability to recognize the danger will allow them to accomplish this very thing.

Why? Because they have convinced people of good will to believe the Big Lie that they want to live in peace with us. All you have to do it to read the parts of the Koran which tells them how to deal with outsiders, Christians and Jews in particular. If that doesn't convince you, take a look at terrorist acts committed globally and then see who is behind most of them. Or, better still; look at what happened ten years ago in New York City.

I'm sorry to be sounding a message of doom and gloom as the Christmas Season approaches, but if Islam achieves its goal in the free world you can forget about proclaiming the true meaning of Christmas, which is celebrating the birth of Jesus, openly ever again – something becoming a challenge even now in our overly materialistic and supposedly "tolerant" American Society. (Interesting how that tolerance seems to run dry when it comes to Christianity but embraces open expression of just about everything else!)

I have always said that evil asserts itself the same way over the ages, but in different faces. I don't think it is coincidental that the word "Kampf" and "Jihad" both mean "struggle" and that the genocidal insanity of National Socialism is now repeated in fundamentalist Islam.

Satan knows EXACTLY what he's doing. If he can cause the Jews to cease to exist, then the promises God made them fall to dust. This would mean God is fallible. If that happens, the devil assumes the God's throne which he has coveted for countless ages. I think that has always been the one underlying principle behind anti-Semitism, right from their captivity in Egypt until now.

And please believe me, Israel's enemies are America's enemies!

I am thankful I'm in a country where I can express beliefs such as these without getting locked up - yet.

But if we don't wise up, those days are certainly numbered.