Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moving Vans To D.C. by Dean Sturgill

Congress reportedly has barely a 10 percent approval rating. I’m not sure if this is its overall rating or just a rating for certain areas. Regardless, a 10 percent approval rating in any area for elected officials should be an embarrassment since they were elected to serve our country based on their campaign promises. Personally I have not met a single voter among this 10 percent. Must be those elected officials’ family members. Once this number was made public, voters started screaming “term limits.” Well, dumb brains, we have had term limits since free elections started. It is called the voting booth.
If only voters would rid themselves of their inability to be independent free thinkers instead of their generational mommy, daddy and grandparent mental handicap known as “party loyalty” we could make a difference. We could vote these incompetent idiots out of office.

We are now witnessing the most evil Washington administration in our nation’s history. We are being led down a path of certain doom as this evil bunch promotes a godless path to a socialist form of government. We need to elect loyal patriotic leaders who will defend and not destroy our Constitution.

Voters, we need to provide some business for Washington D.C. moving companies as we rid our country of these incompetent politicians.

Dean Sturgill
London, KY